About us


We enable our customers develop their business by providing competitive products, services and comprehensive solutions.


To maintain a profitable business in a competitive environment, we want to shape MST as a highly competent, cost-effective organization. Our strategic ambition is to exceed the market requirements by anticipating the changes in the business environment and management of business risk with the use of alternative scenarios.

Company values

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Delivering above-average results

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Meet MST

We operate in the electronics industry and produce lighting components. Our company is located in north-eastern Poland, in Kętrzyn. MST was formed as the result of the management buyout of the Philips Lighting electromagnetic ballasts factory in Kętrzyn. In April 2011 Management Team purchased the factory and the MST brand from Philips. Our company became an exclusive supplier for Philips of electromagnetic ballasts for HID lamps of the Philips brand in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our main activity is the production of lighting components: LED modules, LED drivers, electromagnetic ballasts for HID and fluorescent lamps, integrated HID systems, ignitors for HID lamps, filter and compensation coils.

Constant development

At the beginning of 2013, we invested in equipment for the production of electronics and in 2014 we began producing ignitors for HID systems as well as the production and sale of LED modules.

In 2017 we joined the Pol-lighting Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association, and in 2018 we became a member of the ZHAGA lighting consortium.

In the second half of 2018, we started the production of LED drivers and in 2019 we launched the production of high power LED drivers (including 500W) for sports events and outdoor lighting aplications.

We successively develop and invest in equipment and technologies so that our production processes are as effective as possible and the quality is at the highest, repeatable level.

Our team consists around 200 employees.


Quality and comprehensiveness

Our implemented VDA and ISO procedures and trained staff guarantee a high level of service provided.

We offer comprehensive services related to the designed and contracting of the assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards.

We also provide innovative technological and product solutions, both standard and designed for special customer requirements. We support clients with knowledge and experience in the development process at every stage of the project.

Information necessary for the preparation of the design and contract assembly offer is available in ODM / EMS section.

We offer our products on the European, Middle East and African market.



Company history


Establishing the EM ballast manufacturing company Philips Lighting in Kętrzyn. Starting the production of the copper coils for HID EM ballasts.


Starting the manufacturing of HID EM ballasts for high pressure lamps.


Obtaining ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificates.


Opening a Development Department.


Inauguration of the laboratory in Kętrzyn and obtaining an SMT certificate for the laboratory, in conformity with the 17025 standard.


Opening a new part of the production hall and the transfer of new conventional processes/products from the Netherlands.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 re-certification audits.


Laboratory extension to system release. Transfer of high power ballasts used for lighting stadiums, airports, borders, prisons, etc.


Start of a new cost effective platform MK4 and HP ballast production. Start of BSX ballasts production – transfer from Hamilton.


Foundation of Magnetic Systems Technology (MST). Launch of the MST brand of Philips Lighting. The first sales of MST brand conventional products.


Ballast factory management buy out from PHILIPS.


Laboratory re-certification audit for the 17025 standard.


Purchase of initial two electronic production lines.


Extension of a warehouse and the production surface of the Magnetic Systems Technology site by 5,000 m2.  The start of electronic production.


Obtaining a CTF 3 Certificate (Customer Testing Facility) accredited by the DEKRA Company.


Acquisition of a series ignitor business (complementary products to the existing portfolio) from BAG electronics GmbH. Transfer of LG Innotek LED modules production from Wrocław to the MST.


MST becomes a member of Pol-lighting and the ZHAGA consortium. Signing a distribution contract with the Austrian Electro Terminal company for lighting and industrial connectors.


Change of the company name from Magnetic Systems Technology to MST. Transfer of connector production for Electro Terminal to MST. Establishing cooperation with Seoul Semiconductors in the production of LED modules.


Agreement on cooperation with CRYSTAL IS, the leading American manufacturer of UV-C LEDs and LEDiL – a Finnish manufacturer of LED optics.


10th anniversary of the company.


Launching the production of NFC LED drivers. Obtaining an Environmental Product Declaration certificate.



Launching the production of new cost-effective MST family of DIP Switch non-SELV LED Drivers.

Obtaining the ENEC PLUS certificate on MST LED modules for outdoor luminaires.

Purchase of a machine for automatic assembly of lenses.