Distribution of Electro Terminal lighting connectors






We are pleased to announce that on 1 March 2018, MST Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. became Electro Terminal’s new partner for the distribution and sales of lighting connectors in Poland

The MST sales team will be providing top quality and outstanding customer service.

Electro Terminal is an internationally recognised specialist in electromechanical connectors and system components for lighting and household appliances, and building installations.

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New more efficient generations G4 and G5 have joined our portfolio.

New more efficient generations G4 and G5 have joined our portfolio. You can find details here: rowhttps://www.mst.pl/en/catalog/products/linear-led-modules-3-row https://www.mst.pl...

Save even more, goodbye 3R fixtures!

Save even more, goodbye 3R fixtures! The high-efficient 200 lm/W MST LED module for LEDiL LIANNA-2R optics will make it. Give it a try https://www.mst.pl/katalog/products/linl...

World Environment Day

We care about the environment by producing MST lighting that meets ROHS and REACH standards. Our products are energy efficient and made from the best materials, minimizing our impa...

1100lm per 1ft 12V/1ft 2C+R

An 8-meter luminaire and almost no cables? Yes, it’s possible with our new 12V LED module with a return circuit. For more, click here: https://www.mst.pl/en/catalog/products/...

International Day of Light

Join MST in celebrating the International Day of Light! As a lighting manufacturer, we wholeheartedly support this initiative, directing our passion towards creating a brighter fut...

New products for relative power compensation

Based on well known and cost effective ballasts platform, whole family of one phase shunt reactors were designed. The main feature are low power losses and very wide variety of ava...


We offer complete services related to the design and contract of the assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards. In order to protect a client’s intellectual p...